Why timber frames



As its name implies, timber frame construction is a method of building which relies on a timber frame as a basic means of structural support.

Framed buildings are often referred to as ‘lightweight construction’, but don’t be misled – like the skeleton in your body, it’s a precision engineered structure that is 009remarkably strong and durable.

During construction, open panel timber frame is covered internally by plasterboard, filled with high performance insulation. Moisture/vapour barriers are incorporated and the outer leaf of the wall completes the structure. The outer leaf is typically stone, brick, render or timber to suit the local vernacular and planning requirements.

There are many other forms of timber frame, including advanced and closed panel systems, volumetric and hybrid systems. Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology is another exciting development in timber based construction methods.

Timber frame is an engineered, quality assured, tried and tested building method that is the norm in most parts of the developed world.

A truly ‘modern method of construction’, today’s factory-manufactured timber frame:

Environmentally Friendly086

Timber is the ultimate green construction material. During a tree’s lifetime, it removes tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Using timber from sustainably managed forests and adding CFC-free insulation, timber frame construction is the right choice if you care about the planet.

Long Lasting

Buy a brand new timber frame home and it will be around when your great grandchildren are! Some 12th century timber frame buildings are still around today!

There’s an Almost Unlimited Supply

Timber is the only truly renewable construction material. Good forestry management means that whenever a tree is cut down for construction use, another one (if not two) is planted.

It’s Strong066

Timber frame is a structural system, which is capable of supporting multi-storey construction. In recent years, using timber frame for buildings such as student residences, flats and hospitals has become common.

Fire Resistant

Contrary to some people’s belief, timber frame performs well in fire. Unlike other forms of construction, it does not bend at high temperatures, nor does it flake.

It’s Reliable

According to the insurers National House Building Council, their records show fewer problems with timber frame homes than other forms of construction.

It can Cut Your Bills46

Timber is a natural insulator and timber frame walls have additional insulation included as standard. So timber frame is thermally very efficient – which can mean lower fuel bills!

It can Keep you on Good Terms with Your Neighbours!

Timber also insulates well agains sound – so you can’t hear your neighbours and they can’t hear you! An independent study has concluded, “if all dwellings had sound insulation as good as that of timber frame, the problems of noise from neighbours would be greatly reduced.”

It’s Quick

In ideal conditions, a timber frame house can be wind and watertight in two days and finished in six to eight weeks. This is great news for self-build projects.

And Finally…..it’s Beautiful110

Timber is a beautiful, natural material. Choosing timber frame for the construction of your home means you will have a warm, quiet, safe haven for you and those you love.


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